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How to Make boost::function-like Templates

If you’ve dealt with Boost at all, you’ve certainly seen this at some point: boost::function< int( int, float, const char* ) > func = … ; int x = func( 4, 3.0F, "" ); So how is that done? How … Read the rest of this entry

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Texture vs. Polygon: Round 1

I recently critiqued some work-in-progress game art for an (I guess) art student, and it struck me that it can be fairly hard for a newcomer to judge where to put their details. Some details don’t work very well as … Read the rest of this entry

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MSBuild and Visual Studio’s Hosting of It

This is an interesting issue that might have bitten you if you’ve been trying to get code generators to play nicely in C# projects. You get your generator. You get your project. You open up the project and add an … Read the rest of this entry

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