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Abstracting Low-Level I/O

One of the common requirements in game development is that we need to load large blocks of (usually) compressed data in as little time as possible. This, however, is somewhat easier said than done. Ideally, what we’re looking for is … Read the rest of this entry

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Simple Digital Signatures

One of the things that comes up when sending data over the internet is verifying that it hasn’t been corrupted. This is generally a simple thing to resolve: send the data and a good hash (MD5 or SHA-1) of the … Read the rest of this entry

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The Player’s Name vs Localization

From a game developer’s perspective, the English language is incredibly simple. Our grammar is only minimally inflectional, making it easy to author strings like “@(PLAYER) runs away!” and “Give this to @(TARGET).” and use simple text substitution to replace tokens … Read the rest of this entry

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