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Windowed Fullscreen

Windowed (fake) fullscreen is probably my favorite graphics option ever when it comes to PC games. It lets me have my nice fullscreen game, but doesn’t lock me out of using my other monitor, and any programs running behind the … Read the rest of this entry

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Visual C#: Phantom Breakpoints

So I’ve got a large solution with a lot of projects (mostly build tools) and every now and then I would get suspicious phantom breakpoints, meaning that the debugger would break where no breakpoint had been placed. This would usually … Read the rest of this entry

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Getting Started with OpenSL on Android

Edit: This article, as originally posted, has an error in it, which has been corrected. Anyone who just wants to see the fix can check out this update. So, you want to play some audio on an Android device. You’ve … Read the rest of this entry

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