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My name's Phill Djonov, and I'm a video game programmer currently residing in New Westminster, BC.

I'm a great fan of computer generated images, especially real-time graphics. In fact, it was my love of awesome shiny pixels that first brought me to the game industry. I've since been fascinated by all aspects of making those images happen, from technical art, to content pipelines, to rendering engines. I spend a lot of time working on random little concept projects, some of which I've put online.

I'm also a great lover of language. I spend a lot of my free time reading everything from scifi and fantasy, to philosophy, to the daily news. I speak passably in my almost-native language (Bulgarian), and I'm taking Russian lessons. Every now and then I dabble in creative writing, though I've yet to produce something I think worthy of publishing.

Besides that I spend my time seeking out beautiful, fantastic art, listening to all sorts of music (ranging from classical piano concertos to punk rock - really the best of everything), and planning trips to various awesome places.


I can be reached via email at phill@vec3.net.