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code Windows WPF

Using custom icons can be a little tricky in WPF. It's simple enough if you want to use your application's main icon or an icon file that you can refer to using a pack URI - so long as you do that, everything just works. ... Read more

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There are times when you need an icon file, but all you have is an icon resource embedded in a PE (executable) file. Getting at these is a little tricky, since icon files aren't stored as a simple blob in the PE file. In fact, they're split up into a number of different entries. Fortunately, it isn't very hard to combine these entries into an ICO-format data blob which you can then save to file or pass to an API that expects it. ... Read more

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Most native applications make extensive use of Win32 resources. While the .NET Framework provides a far more useful resource API, it's sometimes necessary to access the old style Win32 resources. Fortunately, this isn't very difficult. ... Read more